The Unestech 2.5-inch Hard Drive Extraction box is a powerful black alloy panel device whose rugged features make it the first choice for many users. This extraction box supports hot swap function, which can facilitate subsequent maintenance and use, greatly improving the user's convenience.



In terms of design, the extraction box uses a stainless steel tray and a silver button door to make its appearance more refined and durable. With SATA 15P power interface and SATA 7P data interface, strong compatibility, can meet the connection requirements of different needs of users. Suitable for 3.5-inch floppy drive bit, can be widely used in different types of hard disk.

Tool-free design is a major feature of this hard disk extraction box, users can quickly replace the hard disk, saving time and effort. At the same time, equipped with LED indicators, you can control the operating status of the hard disk in time, providing users with more intuitive information feedback.

In terms of data transmission, the transmission rate of this hard disk extraction box is as high as 6Gbps, which can achieve rapid data transmission and greatly improve work efficiency. Users can easily back up and transfer large-capacity data to meet the requirements of various application scenarios.


Overall, the 2.5-inch drive extracter box is a fully functional and stable hardware device, and its convenient hot-swappable function, robust design and high-speed data transfer rate make it an ideal choice for users to manage hard disks. Whether it is an individual user or an enterprise user, this hard disk extractor can provide them with a convenient and efficient hard disk management solution.