Do you often have a headache because of the lack of storage space on your computer? Is the 5.25" optibay  empty and useless?

How to provide enough storage space for the rapidly growing data? As a user, you may already have an excellent computer, but the built-in optical slot is limited, which is difficult to meet your storage needs.

Don't worry, Unestech brings you a solution -2.5" hdd mobile rack ! Let your storage space expand infinitely, and easily meet the storage requirements of various large-capacity files.

Not only can you use a 2.5-inch hard disk, but you can also support a variety of hard disk types, including SATA and SSD. No matter what kind of hard disk you have, simply insert the drawer and you can use it immediately. There is no need for complicated installation steps and complicated settings, which saves you precious time and energy.

Maximize space utilization, and turn idle optibay bits into efficient storage space. With the same space, you can also use multiple hard disks at the same time, and turn them into efficient storage space, thus improving the utilization efficiency of storage space.