2bay hdd mobile rack,9.5mm sata mobile rack

In today's digital age, data security and convenience have become the primary consideration for users when purchasing hdd mobile rack. Recently launched a 2.5+3.5 inch multi-function hdd mobile rack, with its aluminum alloy door combination gold body, multiple protection design and high-speed transmission performance, become the ideal choice for users to backup data and expand storage.

First of all, this mobile rack uses an aluminum alloy door combination gold body, which is durable and stylish, giving people a high quality visual enjoyment. The two USB3.0 interfaces in the front provide users with more options for external device connection. At the same time, the 4-point suspension silicone shockproof design prevents external vibration from damaging the hard disk magnetic head, effectively protecting data security.

Secondly, each disk position of the enclosure is equipped with a security lock strengthening device, which enhances the security of the data and the system. Independent power switch can control the power supply of different sizes of hard disks at the same time, transmission speed up to 6Gbps, to achieve fast disk reading, greatly improving work efficiency. The LED indicator is timely feedback of the operating status of the hard disk, convenient for users to know the hard disk work at any time, while supporting hot swap, easy maintenance and use.

In addition, the hard disk extraction box is highly compatible and can accommodate 2.5 "and 3.5" hard disks at the same time to achieve dual disk read. The rear is also equipped with 2.5 ", 3.5 "SATA data ports and a SATA power port for 5.25" optical drive, to meet the needs of users with different sizes of hard drives, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

To sum up, this 2.5+3.5 inch multi-function hdd mobile rack with its high performance, data security and convenience becomes the ideal choice for users to backup and store data, providing a reliable guarantee for users' data security.