In the storage field, the application of HDD stents is very important. With the continuous progress of computer hardware technology, the capacity and speed of HDD are continuously improving, and 3.5-inch HDD is a common standard size. The appearance of HDD bracket makes the installation of HDD more convenient, and also provides necessary heat dissipation and protection functions. Unestech HDD bracket can support 3.5-inch HDD with a thickness of 17-26mm on the market, providing an excellent data storage solution for the vast number of users.


    First of all, the 3.5-inch Unestech bracket of the HDD adopts SATA-III connector, which supports hot plug, providing users with more efficient data transmission speed and more convenient HDD replacement operation. Moreover, it is equipped with a convenient HDD extraction mechanism, which allows users to complete the replacement of HDD in only three seconds, greatly saving time and improving work efficiency.

    Secondly, this HDD bracket is compatible with all 3.5-inch SATA HDD, providing users with wider applicability. At the same time, blue and orange LED indicator lights are configured to facilitate users to know the status of HDD in real time.

    In addition, the product design also takes users' usage habits and scenario requirements into account. It adopts the design of guide line + guide plate, supports side-mounted installation of ultra-thin HDD, and provides users with more installation methods. In addition, the specially designed four-point silica gel earthquake resistance can effectively reduce the vibration and noise of the HDD during work, protect the HDD and prolong the service life.

    Finally, the product accessories are complete, including SATA signal line, SATA power line, keys, screws and instructions, so that users can install and use it more conveniently.