To improve the flexibility and efficiency of server storage, we are proud to introduce a new 3.5-inch SATA SAS hot-swap server caddy tray. This innovative design allows users to easily change HDD during operation without shutting down the server, thus minimizing downtime. At first, the birth of a 3.5-inch server HDD rack brought a new era to information storage. With the continuous progress of technology, it has ushered in a huge leap in capacity, speed and reliability. From the initial storage of several hundred megabytes to today's dozens of TB, HDD 3.5-inch rack has evolved into a giant in the storage industry. This 3.5-inch server caddy tray of Unestech provides a good solution for large data centers and enterprise storage due to its small size, flexibility, easy maintenance and simple operation. It can be used in various occasions to meet various storage requirements.

This server caddy tray uses a unique 3.5-inch design and is compatible with SATA and SAS interfaces to provide excellent storage solutions for your servers. Its hot-plug design makes HDD easier to install and replace, greatly improving the maintainability and flexibility of the server.

The rack has highly reliable hot plug technology, allowing you to replace HDD without affecting server operation, ensuring continuous stability and availability of the system. The rack supports SATA 6Gb/s transmission rate to ensure high efficiency and stability of data transmission.

In addition, the rack is equipped with an intelligent heat dissipation design to effectively reduce the temperature of the HDD and improve the working efficiency and service life of the HDD. The robust rack housing ensures the safe operation of the HDD in different working environments, providing reliable storage support for your server system.

Taking low energy consumption as the design concept, conforming to green environmental protection standards, and contributing to the construction of sustainable IT infrastructure for enterprises.

Our 3.5-inch SATA SAS hot-swap server caddy tray will provide a more convenient and efficient experience for your server storage upgrade. Applicable solutions can be found for enterprise servers, data centers, and cloud computing architectures. Choose our products and excellent performance and reliability to help you stand out in the highly competitive IT field.