4Bay 2.5" SATA Hdd Mobile Rack

The 2.5-inch hdd mobile rack is a convenient and secure storage solution for 5.25-inch drives. This hard disk extractor is made of aluminum alloy, which is both durable and has good heat dissipation effect, which can protect the hard disk and ensure the security of the system.

Each disk position is designed with a safety lock, which strengthens the safety of the device and ensures the safety of important data. At the same time, each disk position is also equipped with LED lights, which can display the operating status of the hard disk in time, so that users can know the work of the hard disk at any time.

In order to better heat dissipation, this hard drive enclosure is equipped with two 3.5cm cooling fans and an aluminum alloy body to help heat dissipation, ensuring that the hard disk can still maintain good operation condition when working at high loads.

The Mobile Rack adopts a tool-free design, fast hard disk replacement, support hot swap, easy maintenance and use. At the same time, it supports SATA/SAS hard disk, transmission speed up to 6Gbps, to achieve fast reading disk, improve work efficiency.

In addition, the hard disk extraction box has 8643 host interface and SATA power interface, which can be compatible with various hard disks and hosts, providing users with a more convenient connection method.

Overall, this 2.5-inch hdd mobile rack not only has good security and heat dissipation performance, but also supports fast transfer speed and convenient hard disk replacement, which is an ideal product for users who need efficient and secure storage.