Internal Hdd Mobile Rack, as its name implies, is a installed inside the computer host. It is usually used to expand the storage space of computers and provide more storage capacity. The installation of the built-in hard disk extraction box is relatively complicated, so it is necessary to plug the hard disk into the interface on the computer motherboard, and then connect the power supply and data cable. But once the installation is completed, it can be seamlessly connected with the computer host to realize high-speed data transmission.

It is suitable for those users who need a lot of storage space, such as professional video editors, gamers, etc. Since the enclosure is directly connected to the computer host, the data transfer speed is faster and more stable, which can meet the read and write requirements of large-capacity data.

The External Enclosure is a standalone device that can be easily attached to a computer or other device. Unlike the Internal , the external does not need to be installed inside the computer host, just insert the hard drive into the enclosure and connect it to the computer via USB or other interfaces.

The external enclosure is portable and easy to use. Users can remove the drive from the external  at any time, making it easy to carry and share data. It is suitable for users who need to carry data frequently, such as business people, students, etc. In addition, the external enclosure can also be used as a backup device to provide data backup and recovery functions.