The 2.5" hdd mobile rack is a high-performance hard disk storage device made of aluminum alloy and suitable for 5.25" bay. Its design structure is elegant, with a number of security and convenience features, so that users in the data storage and management more convenient.

First, each disk position is equipped with a safety lock design strengthening device to ensure data security and system security. This design measure effectively prevents the hard disk from accidentally falling off or being taken by unauthorized personnel during use, providing a more comprehensive protection of user data.

In addition, each disk position is also equipped with LED lights to provide timely feedback on the operating status of the hard disk. Users can understand the working status of the hard disk through the changes of the LED light, so as to timely adjust and deal with possible problems to ensure the stable operation of the system.

In addition to a safe and practical design, the hard drive extraction box also has strong thermal performance. Each disk slot is equipped with two 3.5cm cooling fans. Combined with the aluminum alloy body, the fan effectively improves the heat dissipation effect of the disk, reduces the temperature of the disk when the disk is working under high load, and ensures the long-term stable operation of the disk.

hdd mobile rack adopts tool-free design, fast hard disk replacement, supports hot swap, and is easy to maintain and use. Users can easily replace hard disks without using any tools and quickly complete maintenance, greatly improving the maintainability and operability of hard disks.

In addition, the hard drive enclosure supports SATA/SAS hard drives with transfer speeds up to 6Gbps for fast disk reading. It has an MiniSAS SFF-8087 data interface and SATA 15P power interface to ensure the stable connection and power supply between the hard disk and the host, and effectively improve the efficiency and stability of data transmission.

In summary, the 5.25" mobile rack not only has excellent security, heat dissipation and operation convenience, but also a high-performance hard disk storage device, providing users with a reliable data storage and management solution.