3.5-inch hdd mobile rack

The 3.5-inch SATA built-in hdd mobile rack is a convenient and practical hardware device. It adopts the design of plastic door and stainless steel bracket to provide stable and reliable installation support for users. This hard drive holder has a positive guide design that can support side-mounted ultra-thin hard drives, providing users with more installation options.

The hdd mobile rack is compatible with all 3.5-inch SATA hard drives and supports hot swappable function, allowing users to easily replace hard drives without using any tools. This makes the installation and replacement of the hard disk easy and fast, greatly improving the user's convenience.



This hard disk stand is widely used in security monitoring, data backup, high-definition players, set-top boxes and other fields, providing users with more expansion space and storage options. It is designed for non-CD-ROM mounting locations and can meet the needs of users for hard disk expansion.

In addition, the hard drive bracket has a SATA 15P power port and SATA 7P data port, so users can easily connect the hard drive and achieve data transfer. This design makes the installation and use of the hard disk more convenient, providing users with more flexibility and choice space.

Overall, the 3.5-inch SATA internal drive holder is a powerful, convenient and practical hardware device that provides users with more hard drive storage space and data expansion options. With its stable, reliable design and convenient installation, users can easily expand the hard disk capacity to meet the storage requirements of various application scenarios.