5.25 hdd mobile rack

In today's era of information explosion, data security and storage efficiency have become the focus of users. In response to this demand, a 2.5+3.5 inch multi-function hdd mobile rack came into being, it sets plastic door group, stainless steel body in one, durable, to provide users with a full range of data storage protection.

First of all,the sata mobile rack has a unique design, two USB3.0 interfaces in front of the user to facilitate the connection of external devices, and has a 4-point suspension silicone shock-proof design, effectively avoiding external vibration damage to the hard disk head, providing a strong guarantee for data security. The 2.5-inch small disk position is equipped with a safety lock strengthening device to ensure data security and system security, so that users can be more assured in the process of use.



Second, this hard drive cartridge has the ability to transfer at high speeds. The independent power switch can control the power supply of large and small hard disks at the same time, and the propagation speed is up to 6Gbps to achieve fast disk reading. Each disk position is equipped with LED indicator to control the operating status of the hard disk in time, support hot swap, easy maintenance and use. This design not only improves the user's work efficiency, but also ensures the stability of data transmission.

In addition, this hard drive cartridge is extremely compatible. It can accommodate 2.5-inch hard disks and 3.5-inch hard disks at the same time, realizing the dual disk read, to meet the different storage requirements of users. In addition, the rear also has a 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch SATA 7P data interface and a SATA15P power interface for 5.25-inch optical drive, which is more convenient for users to use and expand.

To sum up, this 2.5+3.5 inch multi-functional hdd mobile rack not only has a stylish appearance and durable features in design, but also takes into account data security, transmission speed and compatibility in function, providing users with a convenient and efficient data storage solution. In the information age, choosing an excellent hdd mobile rack to protect data security and improve reading speed will become a wise choice for users.