PCI Slot has always been a slot that is rarely used. Due to the limited installation space reserved for 2.5-inch hard disks in general cases, some standard cases do not even provide expansion space for 2.5-inch hard disks. Therefore, in order to facilitate the management line and expansion storage of the case, a PCI bit hard disk extraction rack is brought, which not only effectively utilizes PCI bit, but also frees up a part of the case space. At present, PCI slot has become the main expansion slot on the motherboard. In addition to the graphics card, independent sound card, independent network card, USB 3.0/3.1 interface expansion card, SSD and other hardware can use PCI-E slot.

PCI slot is a kind of slot widely used in computers, and almost all desktop computer motherboards will have several PCI slots. The PCI slot is used to connect other boards to the PCI bus of the motherboard and expand the functions of the computer.

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