Achieve High Speed Disk Reading and Data Storage

The rapid development of modern science and technology makes us put forward higher requirements for data storage devices. In this case, 2.5+3.5 inch multi-function hard drive mobile rack came into being. This mobile rack uses a plastic door set and alloy body design, not only to ensure the appearance of fashion, but also improve the durability and heat dissipation.

The design of the sata mobile rack is very careful, and the 4-point suspension silicone anti-shock design avoids the damage of the hard disk magnetic head caused by external vibration, and ensures the safety and stability of the data. It supports the hot swap function, which makes maintenance and use more convenient. Moreover, it is suitable for 5.25 "optical drive bit, making its compatibility more extensive.



In terms of power supply, the hard drive enclosure has an independent power switch, which can control the power supply of large and small hard disks at the same time, and the transmission speed is up to 6Gbps to achieve fast disk reading. At the same time, each disk position is equipped with LED indicator to display the operating status of the hard disk in time, so that users can know the work of the hard disk at any time.

The design of this enclosure is also very intimate, supporting to accommodate 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch hard disks at the same time, to achieve dual disk reading, improving the efficiency of use. In addition, the rear also comes with 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA 7P data interfaces and a SATA 15P power interface, which fully considers the needs of users.

In order to further enhance security, each disk position is equipped with a safety lock strengthening device to ensure the security of the data and the security of the system. This multifunctional hard drive enclosure not only realizes high-speed data transmission and safe storage, but also provides users with a convenient use experience, and is an indispensable device in modern office and life.