In the digital age, data security and storage efficiency have become indispensable requirements for everyone. To meet this demand, a robust, powerful multi-function hard drive extraction box came into being.

The Unestech multi-function drive extractor is designed in 2.5+3.5 inches with a plastic door set and an aluminum body to ensure its stability and durability. It is equipped with a USB3.0 interface and a USB-C interface, making it easier to connect to various devices.



Safety is one of the key considerations of this product, and each disk position is equipped with a safety lock reinforcement device to ensure data security and stable system operation. The independent power switch can control the power supply of large and small disks at the same time, ensuring the efficient use of energy.

The LED indicator displays the running status of the hard disk in real time, supports hot swap, and facilitates user maintenance and use. High compatibility, can accommodate 2.5-inch hard disk and 3.5-inch hard disk at the same time, to achieve dual disk read, to meet the different needs of users.

At the back of the product, SATA 7P data interface and SATA 15P power interface are designed, and the transmission speed is up to 6Gbps, which realizes the fast reading disk. The 4-point suspension silicone anti-vibration design effectively avoids external vibration damage to the hard disk magnetic head, and further protects data security.



The drive extraction box occupies only one optical drive and is suitable for 5.25 "optical drive, making it more flexible in installation and use. The 3.5cm cooling fan on the back effectively reduces the operating temperature of the hard disk, ensuring the stability and durability of the hard disk.

To sum up, this multifunctional hard drive extraction box combines security, stability and efficiency in one, which is the ideal choice for modern people in the digital life.