NAS (Network Attached Storage) is simply a device connected to a network and equipped with data storage functions, hence it is also known as "network storage". It is a dedicated data storage server. It is data-centric, completely separating storage devices from servers, centrally managing data, thereby freeing up bandwidth, improving performance, reducing total cost of ownership, and protecting investment. Its cost is much lower than using server storage, but its efficiency is much higher than the latter.           

At present, there are two main categories of NAS, one is the DIY solution, which involves purchasing and assembling hardware by oneself. One type is the official finished machine.
The DIY solution with the highest cost-effectiveness can be adopted as long as it is a normal computer. Due to the fact that hardware can be assembled on its own, there is a wide range of options available. However, it should be noted that NAS hosts are always powered on, so the power consumption of the host should be as low as possible.

Do we need NAS?

So, when can we use NAS and do we need it?

1. Pay attention to privacy, private NAS, and keep your secrets hidden.

2. We often have to download things, but are usually not around the computer.

3. If there is important data that needs to be backed up, the storage space requirements are high.

4. There is no place to install a hard drive in the computer, and it can only rely on external storage.

5. With a large family, for the convenience of sharing, you can watch the movie directly in the living room after playing.

What are the advantages of the product?

1. Made of high-quality galvanized steel plate, sturdy and durable, corrosion and rust resistant

Industrial design creation, standard design process

2. There are button switch designs and dual USB interface designs on the exterior (and can accommodate 4, 6, and 8 2.5/3.5inch hard drives)

The hard drive screws can be fixed to the tray

3. There is a fan and PCI card slot design on the back

Heat dissipation and expansionPCI卡槽位硬盘盒:点击此查看

4. The back panel adopts the 8643 backplane

Supports SAS and SATA hard drives

5. Motherboard and power supply (Note: This product is not equipped with a motherboard and power supply, and needs to be purchased and installed by oneself)

According to the motherboard, products can be installed and designed independently