Today, we are going to introduce a powerful hard drive extraction box unestech 2.5-inch dual drive extraction box. This hard drive extractor box uses a stainless steel tray and black alloy panel, the appearance is simple and generous, giving a strong and durable feeling.

The hard disk extraction box supports hot swap, facilitating replacement of hard disks during subsequent maintenance and use. In addition, the safety lock design strengthens the security of the device and ensures the data security and system security.



In addition, the hard disk extraction box has a SATA 15P power interface and SATA 7P data interface, enabling the installation of two 2.5-inch hard disks or SSDS in one 3.5-inch floppy drive, greatly expanding the storage space of the chassis. Moreover, the tool-free design makes the hard disk replacement fast, and the user does not need too much manual operation to complete the hard disk replacement.

The hard drive extraction box is also equipped with LED indicators, which can control the operating status of the hard drive in time. At the same time, the transmission rate of 6Gbps also ensures the fast reading of the hard disk, and there will be no stutching phenomenon.


In short, the 2.5-inch two-disk hard disk extraction box has many advantages, not only convenient for users to replace the hard disk and expand storage space, but also take into account data security and system security. It is worth mentioning that the appearance design of the hard drive extraction box is also very beautiful, which is very suitable for business people and DIY enthusiasts.