With the development of modern technology, information storage devices are constantly upgraded. In this context, unestech 2.5-inch optical drive eight-disk hard drive extraction box came into being, it is made of aluminum alloy material, stylish appearance, solid and durable. With the continuous development of information technology, the storage capacity of data is getting larger and larger, so the importance of hard disk extraction box is becoming increasingly prominent.

Each disk position has a safety lock design, which enhances the safety of the device and ensures the safety of the data and the system. In addition, each disk position is also equipped with LED lights, which can timely control the operating status of the hard disk, providing users with a more convenient experience.



In order to better heat dissipation, the hard disk extraction box also has two 3.5cm cooling fans, and uses an aluminum alloy body to assist in heat dissipation, effectively maintaining the stable operation of the hard disk. At the same time, the tool-free design makes hard disk replacement faster, supports hot swap, and is easy to maintain and use.

In addition, the hard drive takeout box is compatible with SATA/SAS hard drives, and the transmission speed is up to 6Gbps, achieving fast reading disk, suitable for users who require high-speed data transmission. At the same time, it has two MiniSAS SFF-8087 data interfaces and a SATA 15P power interface to meet the needs of different users.



In short, the 2.5-inch optical drive hard disk extract box occupies 2 optical drive bits, suitable for 5.25-inch optical drive bits, with stylish, beautiful, solid and durable characteristics, each disk is equipped with safety lock design and LED lights, with good heat dissipation effect, support hot swap, compatible with SATA/SAS hard disk, propagation speed up to 6Gbps, It can be described as a powerful and practical hard disk extraction box. It is hoped that more users can benefit from it and enjoy convenient data storage and transmission experience.