The development of Autonomous Driving technology has created new demands on in vehicle storage systems. As AD features continue to be upgraded, the amount of data generated by vehicles during operation is also increasing, and because these systems need to process and store large amounts of data, fast and efficient storage solutions are needed to support the data processing and storage needs of in vehicle systems.
Unestech hdd mobile rack , as an innovative storage solution, are ideal for the needs of high storage capacity and fast data transfer data transfer requirements.

Since Autonomous Vehicle need to handle a large amount of sensor data, such as cameras, radar and LIDAR, which require high-speed storage devices, SATA/SAS SSDs with high-capacity and high-speed transfer speeds, as well as NVMe SSDs with higher transfer speeds, have become the preferred choice of hard disk drives for in-vehicle storage systems.

Secondly, during vehicle operation, unpredictable situations may be encountered, such as hard disk failure or data transmission interruption, which may lead to data loss or damage, and thus affect the normal operation of the vehicle. Therefore, the vehicle storage system needs to be able to quickly replace the faulty hard disk or extract the data hard disk without interrupting the vehicle operation, so the hard drive enclosure with hot-swappable function can be extracted to satisfy these needs.

In addition, the data collected on the vehicle side is quite important for data analysis, training and optimization of intelligent driving algorithms on the platform side. The design of the embedded hard hdd mobile rack easily removes or inserts the hard drive without shutting down the system, which improves the convenience of data exchange and the continuity and stability of data transmission.


Unestech's range of products, which support the removal of hard drive without shutting down the computer for easy maintenance and backup, and their rugged, shock-resistant design, as well as hot-swappable features, make hdd mobile rack enclosure the ideal storage solution for automated driving systems, capable of handling the harsh in-vehicle environment, while providing efficient and reliable data storage and exchange capabilities.