Unestech 3Bay Hdd Mobile Rack is a high performance data storage solution, 3 to 2 internal SATA module, 3.5" SATA Hdd Enclosure , tool-less hot-swappable design, convenient for users to quickly replace the goods to upgrade the hard drive, suitable for industrial computers, personal computers, data storage cabinets, servers, and other high-capacity storage system applications.

This Mobile Rack effectively utilizes the internal space of the case to provide 3 hard drive hot-swap slots in a 5.25" bay. Moreover, the aluminum metal build body and 60mm fan allows you not to worry about hard drive overheating, once the product is installed , directly into the hard drive can be used, do not have to remove the hard drive after the computer chassis is disassembled, you just take the hard drive out of the box inside the hard drive can be brought home to work. At the same time, the product adopts SATA3.0 interface to support high-speed data transmission, the maximum transmission speed of up to 6Gb / s. The product also adopts SATA3.0 interface to support high-speed data transmission.