The Unestech 2.5-inch dual drive Extraction box is a robust, stylish hardware device made of stainless steel trays and aluminum panels, providing users with a high-quality appearance and experience. The automatic eject design of this product allows users to easily replace hard drives without any tools, greatly simplifying the process of hardware maintenance.

In addition to easy hard disk replacement, this hard disk extraction box also supports hot swap function, which provides convenience for subsequent maintenance and use of the product. Users can easily replace hard drives with simple operations without shutting down or restarting the system, greatly increasing efficiency and convenience.



LED indicator light is another bright spot of this hard disk extraction box, the user can control the operating status of the hard disk at any time, timely understand the work of the hard disk, improve the security and stability of the data. At the same time, the SATA15P power interface and SATA7P data interface ensure the stable power supply and high-speed data transmission of the hard disk.

This drive extraction box occupies one optical drive and is suitable for 5.25 "optical drive, which is suitable for a wide range of applications. The strengthening device with the safety lock design further improves the security of the hard disk extraction box and ensures the safety of the data and the stability of the system.



The most impressive thing is that this hard drive takeout box has a 6Gbps transmission rate, fast reading disk, and no delay, ensuring a smooth experience and high efficiency for users during use. Whether it is handling large-capacity files or running large-scale programs, this hard disk extraction box is capable of providing users with high-quality hard disk storage solutions.

In general, the 2.5-inch dual drive extraction box with its high-quality materials, convenient design, security and fast transmission rate, become the ideal choice for users to store and backup data. Both individual and business users can get an efficient, safe and convenient experience from this product.