With the rapid development of industrial automation and embedded technology, industrial computers and embedded devices are widely used in various industries, storage demand is also growing, in order to meet market demand, Unestech  2.5" industrial hdd mobile rack , for these devices to provide high-performance storage solutions.

The device has excellent compatibility and scalability, and it adopts a standard SATA interface to easily connect with various industrial computers and embedded devices. At the same time, the hard disk module also supports hot-swap function, which is convenient for users to replace and back up hard disks while the device is running.

In addition, the hard disk module also has the characteristics of shock resistance and pressure resistance, which can adapt to various complex industrial environments; Moreover, the capacity is unlimited, which can meet the storage needs of different devices, and the design of the triangle security lock further protects the security of user data.

Finally, Unestech provides comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to provide users with the best experience.