The rapid development of modern science and technology has brought about the popularity and wide application of various intelligent devices, and the hard disk, as an important part of the storage device, is also constantly innovating. Recently, a 2.5-inch + 3.5-inch multi-function hard drive enclosure has attracted much attention, and its excellent design and functions have made it a highly sought after product in the market.

The hdd mobile rack adopts a semi-aluminum alloy door group and alloy body, which is not only strong and durable, but also brings a high-level sense and texture. 4-point suspension silicone anti-vibration design, avoid external vibration to the hard disk magnetic head damage, effectively protect the security of hard disk data. The safety lock reinforcement device equipped with each disk position is to ensure data security and system security.


The independent power switch can control the power supply of large and small hard disks at the same time, and the transmission speed is up to 6Gbps, achieving the effect of fast disk reading. In addition, each disk position is equipped with LED indicator to control the operating status of the hard disk in time, support hot swap, easy maintenance and use. Compatibility is also a major feature of the hard disk extraction box, which can accommodate 2.5-inch hard disks and 3.5-inch hard disks at the same time to achieve dual disk read.

In addition, there are 2.5 "and 3.5" SATA 7P data interfaces and a SATA 15P power interface at the back of the drive extraction box to meet the connection needs of different types of hard drives. Moreover, it occupies only one optical drive bit, suitable for 5.25 inch optical drive bit, easy to install and use.

In general, this 2.5 "+3.5" multi-function hard drive enclosure with its various practical functions and high-quality design, has become the first choice for the majority of users in the storage device. Its emergence undoubtedly provides a more convenient and secure solution for users' data storage and management.