In today's information age, the security and convenience of data has become an important goal pursued by enterprises and individual users. With the continuous development of science and technology, the hard disk tray, as an important part of the storage device, is also constantly upgraded and improved. Today we introduce a powerful and easy to operate unestech 3.5-inch hard drive extraction tray to make your data storage more secure and efficient.

Designed with a stainless steel body and plastic panels, this hard drive extractor is robust and protects the hard drive. One of the most attractive features is the tool-free hard drive replacement design, which takes only three seconds to complete a hard drive replacement, greatly saving time and effort. Support the hot swap function, facilitate the subsequent maintenance and use of the product, greatly improving the convenience of use.



The LED indicator allows the user to control the operating status of the hard disk at any time, find problems and deal with them in time. At the same time, the SATA15P power interface and SATA7P data interface ensure the stable power supply of the hard disk and the stability of data transmission. In addition, the hard drive extraction bracket is also equipped with a safety lock design to enhance the security of the device and ensure data security and system security.

It is worth mentioning that this hard drive extraction bracket has a 6Gbps transmission rate, fast reading disk, avoiding the phenomenon of stuttering, so that your work is more efficient. Whether it's for personal storage or enterprise data centers, we can meet your needs for hard drive extraction bays.



In daily work, the security of data and the ease of storage are of Paramount importance. An efficient and convenient hard disk extraction tray can provide users with a more stable and secure storage environment, improve work efficiency and ensure data security. It is expected that this high-quality hard disk extraction bracket can be widely used in all walks of life, bringing more convenience and security to users' data storage.