No matter where you are, data is always with you. With the rapid development of science and technology, digital life has become an indispensable part of our daily life. In this era of information explosion, the demand for storage space is becoming more and more urgent. In order to meet users' demand for efficient and convenient storage, Unestech has introduced a new 3x 2.5 inch optical drive HDD enclosure. This small and lightweight device makes your data storage more convenient.

The well-designed shell provides strong protection for your HDD, keeping data safe both during travel and daily use. In order to ensure the data security of users, the 3x 2.5 inch optical hdd mobile rack has built-in multiple protection mechanisms, including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overheat protection, etc., to effectively prevent HDD from being damaged during long-term work. Users can safely store important data and enjoy a convenient digital life without worry.

Tool-free installation, support for hot plug, using a standard 5.25-inch optical drive can install 3  7mm to 9.5mm high 2.5-inch SATA SSD/HDD, create a hot plug device space for all HDD, allowing users to easily install and extract HDD.

Safety lock design & LED indicator light, safety lock function, to avoid the system interruption or theft caused by improper removal of HDD and lose valuable data, to ensure the safety of data and system; LED status light is designed on the front panel to let you know the operation status of the HDD at any time, through active PSU start-up technology, LED light will start to operate when the HDD is loaded into the extraction box.

 We are well aware of the importance of data to you. This 2.5-inch hard disk box is made of advanced materials to provide all-round protection for your HDD. Anti-seismic, anti-fall, waterproof, to protect your data from external interference. Whether for personal use or business needs, the 3x 2.5 inch HDD enclosure of Unestech is your best partner for data storage. Choose it, choose portable, efficient and secure, choose to let data accompany you anytime and anywhere! Let you focus on your work and life without worrying about data security.