Media workers often need to deal with a large number of data and files in their daily work, including high-definition pictures, video and audio files. The traditional storage method needs an external hard disk to store these files, and it is more troublesome to transfer data between different devices. However, now a new tool-hdd mobile rack , has liberated the trouble of data storage for media workers.

The mobile rack is simple and easy to use. Users only need to insert the hard disk into the box, and then connect the box with the computer through the connecting cable, so as to realize the data transmission between the hard disk and the computer. Users can change the hard disk as needed at any time without disassembling the computer or using other complicated connection methods. This convenience has greatly improved the work efficiency of media workers.

In a word, it not only solves the bottleneck and inconvenience of traditional storage methods, but also meets the requirements of media workers for data transmission speed and data security.