Cd-rom Fast Transfer Hard Drive Bracket

The Unestech3.5 "SATA Drive Extraction Stand Tool Free Hot-swap-free Expansion storage drive case is a powerful hard drive expansion device that uses a design mainly made of stainless steel and plastic materials to support all 3.5" SATA drives. This hard drive enclosure supports hot swap function, which makes subsequent maintenance and use more convenient. In addition, it also supports side-mounted hard disk, flexible to adapt to different installation needs.

A striking feature is its LED light design, which allows users to keep abreast of the operating status of the hard disk, providing convenient monitoring functions. The hard disk tool-free extraction mechanism makes hard disk replacement easy and fast, only three seconds to complete, greatly improving efficiency.



The hard drive enclosure stand is equipped with a SATA power interface and SATA data interface, and the transmission speed is up to 6Gbps, ensuring stable and fast data transmission. Design details such as brushed panels, push-rods, and latched connections show the exquisite manufacturing process.

Suitable for the 5.25-inch optical drive design of the chassis, this hard drive enclosure occupies only one optical drive, saving valuable space for users. At the same time, the security lock design is also one of the highlights, which can protect the safe use of the hard disk and effectively prevent the risk of information disclosure.

Overall, the Unestech3.5 "SATA drive enclosure combines high performance and convenience, is a trusted hard disk expansion device, providing users with a powerful storage expansion solution.