The 2.5" U.2/U.3 NVME SSD Mobile Rack SlimSAS 8i SFF-8654 is a type of removable storage device that is designed for use with enterprise-level servers and storage systems. The device allows for the insertion and removal of a 2.5 inch NVME solid-state drive (SSD) while the system is still running, without the need to shut down or power off the system.

The 2.5" U.2/U.3 NVME SSD Mobile Rack uses the U.2/U.3 interface, which is a high-speed standard designed specifically for NVME SSDs. It also uses the SlimSAS 8i SFF-8654 interface, which is a high-density, low-profile connector that supports high-speed data transfer rates of up to 64Gbps.

One of the benefits of a mobile rack is that it allows for easy installation and removal of storage drives, which can be particularly useful in a busy server or storage environment. The SlimSAS 8i SFF-8654 interface, in particular, can be used to connect multiple storage devices to a single port, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency in server deployments.