In a large data center, the space of each server is very precious. How to maximize the storage density of the server can not only optimize the cost-effectiveness, but also save a lot of space, so the server hard disk bracket has become a very basic and necessary configuration.

Unestech is the original manufacturer that provides one-stop data storage solutions for industry customers. The newly launched 3.5 inch SATA SAS HDD Tray Caddy

Made of metal, the overall style design is simple and generous, the installation is convenient and fast, the performance is stable and efficient, and it is easy to maintain. The bottom cooling hole design ensures that the hard disk always keeps a reasonable temperature when working under high load. At the same time, the hard disk carrier also supports hot plug, and the hard disk can be replaced at any time without affecting the normal operation of the server.

For data centers or large enterprises that need large-scale storage, this 3.5 inch server rack can provide an ideal storage solution, allowing users to manage data with more peace of mind.