ST8216, 2.5 inch SATA/SAS hot-swap SSD/HDD server rack , is compact in design, saving the internal space of the server, simple and flexible in installation, convenient in disassembly and assembly, and simple in operation. Fully realize the allocation of storage resources for big data to meet different storage needs.

This Rack pursues the requirements of high efficiency and large-scale data storage, which can effectively improve the storage density of hard disks in the server. It is very easy to add and remove the hard disk, because it will not disturb the running state of the server, thus increasing the productivity of enterprises and the stability of the system.

In a word, ST8216 hard disk bracket occupies an important position in the enterprise market and data center field because of its small size, flexibility, easy maintenance and upgrade, and brings a good storage solution. It can provide users with key data protection, improve performance and make storage resources more reliable and easy to use.