The beginning of summer, is the seventh solar term in the 24 solar terms, the first solar term of summer, Li, is the meaning of establishment and beginning. Xia means big in ancient Chinese. All things have grown up so far, named Lixia. Start of Summer is an important solar term marking the growth of all things into the peak season. At the beginning of summer, everything flourishes.

On the day of Start of Summer, many places have the custom of eating "Start of Summer rice", eating eggs, weighing people and tasting three new foods. Entering the start of summer season, people's metabolism is accelerated, the heart and brain blood supply is insufficient, often make people irritable, tired and lazy. Should reasonably arrange the rest time, supplement nutrients, take the right health care methods. After the start of summer, the rainy season officially entered, and the rainfall and rainy days increased significantly.

Welcoming the summer ceremony: The "summer" of "Beginning of summer" means "big", which means that the plants sown in spring have grown up upright.

Try new activities: There are so-called "see three new" customs in the beginning of summer in Jiangnan, which is to eat some fresh and tender things that grow out of this season. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang, there is a custom of "beginning of summer to taste new". There is a proverb in Suzhou that goes, "When Summer begins, there are three new ones." "Three new" refers to newly ripe cherries, green plums and wheat.

Eating eggs at the beginning of summer: According to legend, from the beginning of summer this day, the weather is warm and gradually hot, many people, especially children, will have the feeling of physical fatigue and weakness, appetite loss and gradually wasting, called "疰夏". Every year on the start of Summer day, children hang boiled chicken, duck and goose eggs on their chests to avoid 疰夏.

Start of Summer drinking tea: So on this day, drinking tea is indispensable. Often drinking tea, especially the cool green tea, can not only relieve the summer heat, supplement the required water, can produce fluid to quench thirst, but also can relieve the heat, so as to make the body play up the spirit, more suitable for drinking in summer.

Eating porridge at the beginning of summer: Folklore says that eating porridge at the beginning of summer can guarantee a year of peace, no disease and no disaster, although it is only a legend, but this custom is people's yearning for a better life.

Do summer: In the beginning of summer season, Fuzhou custom is popular to cook tripod side "do summer". Ding edge paste (also known as pot paste), with rice milk shabu-shabu side of cooking, with shrimp, shrimp oil, scallion vegetables, golden needle, black fungus, clam, or a small amount of shiitake, razor clam and other seafood soup, its taste is very meat and delicious.

Start of summer said people: Start of summer to eat lunch and balance the custom of people, people pray to God to bring good luck.