Mother's Day (Mother's Day) is a day to thank mothers. The modern Mother's Day originated in the United States and is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. Mothers usually receive gifts on this day. Carnations are regarded as flowers dedicated to mothers, while the Chinese mother flower is hemerocallis flower, also known as nepenthes.

Mother's Day originated in Greece, where the ancient Greeks paid tribute to Hera, the mother of the gods in Greek mythology.  It is worth mentioning that the earliest Mother's Day in China is on the 18th day of the third lunar month, which is considered to be the birthday of the great mother of the Chinese nation, Nuwa. Nuwa is the goddess of creation in Chinese mythology, and her birthday is used to honor her mother and pray for good luck.

Mother's Day aims to express respect and gratitude to mothers, promote the great selflessness of maternal love, promote family harmony, enhance social understanding and respect for the role of mothers, and pass on love and positive energy. Celebrating Mother's Day not only promotes family affection, but also promotes social harmony and beauty.

Mothers are one of the earliest and most important roles in our lives, they give us life, accompany us to grow up, and pay countless hard work and sweat for us. Show our appreciation to our mothers and let them feel loved and cared for.

A mother's love is one of the greatest love in the world, it does not ask for return, do not care about paying, only for the happiness and growth of children and work hard. Let more people understand the greatness and selflessness of maternal love, so as to cherish and appreciate the existence of mothers more. In modern society, due to the quickening pace of life and the increasing pressure of work, the relationship between family members may become distant and cold. Mother's Day can enhance the feelings and interaction between family members, so that the family is full of warmth and happiness.

Mothers play multiple roles in the family and society. They are not only the center of the family, but also the cornerstone of the society. However, in some societies and cultures, the role and value of motherhood may be overlooked or undervalued. Raise social awareness and respect for the role of mothers, so that more people understand the hardships and efforts of mothers.

Mother's Day suitable for sending flowers to mother, you can choose to send carnations, carnations flower language is: love, respect, gratitude, etc., are very good words, meaning very good.

Silk scarf is very suitable for Mother's Day gift, a silk scarf neck, "silk" sound with the thought of missing, meaning "missing", "care".

Chinese people express their deep affection in their own special way. On Mother's Day, people will give their mothers flowers, cakes, homemade meals and other gifts. Chinese children, who have been filial to their parents since childhood, will try to cook for their mothers, wash their faces, apply makeup, play music, draw pictures, and let their mothers have a happy holiday.

On Mother's Day, we should not only express gratitude and respect for our mothers, but also send love and positive energy through our actions and words. We can show care and love to those around us, and convey the power of kindness and warmth.