Awakening of Insects in the 24 Solar Terms
      Awakening of Insects is the third solar term in the 24 solar terms and usually occurs on March 5 or 6 each year. It marks the official beginning of spring, and also represents the moment when all things in nature come back to life. The word Jingzhe originates from the ancient farming culture and means "insects coming out of the ground". The name vividly describes the high activity and even "panic" of insects during this period. As the sun warms and rainfall increases, the soil gradually warms, and many small creatures that sleep underground begin to wake up and climb to the surface to feed and breed.

    At the same time, in agriculture, the awakening of insects is also of great significance. As temperatures rise and precipitation increases, it is a good time to plant crops. Farmers can use this time to sow summer crops such as early rice and corn, and can also take early control measures to prevent various pests from causing damage to their crops.

    In addition to its positive impact on agriculture, Awakening of Insects also brings more opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation. As the weather gets warmer and the sun shines, people can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, hiking and enjoy the beauty of nature in full bloom.

     What's more, in traditional Chinese medicine, Awakening of Insects is considered a very important and special solar term. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, "spring and summer Yang", so in this period should pay attention to adjust the diet structure to adapt to the body metabolism changes. For example, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients such as vitamin C and fiber; Eat less spicy and stimulating food to reduce the burden on the stomach; Keep a good schedule to improve body resistance. Awakening of Insects also means paying attention to physical health and health care. Because the temperature changes at this time, easy to lead to cold, laryngitis and other diseases. So we should drink more water, exercise properly, and pay attention to keep warm and cold. There are also many customs and food cultures related to the Awakening of Insects in China. Such as eating peaches, choosing auspicious days for sacrificial activities and so on.

    All in all, in this special solar term, we should cherish the natural environment and pay attention to our physical and mental health. Only in this way can we better welcome the arrival of the New Year! Awakening of Insects in the 24 Solar Terms.