Unestech Tray-less 3.5" SATA / SAS Hot Swap Backplane Hdd Mobile Rack Enclosure for 5.25" bay

Product Code : ST3513P

Product Specification

Support Drive Size 3.5" HDD
Drive Type SATA / SAS (Support Single Channel SAS)
Number of Drives 1
Max Drive Height 26.1mm
Drive Bay 5.25" drive bay
Host Interface 1 x SATA 7pin
Power Input 1x 15 pin SATA power connector
Transfer Rate Up to 6Gbps (Depending on hard drive speed)
HDD Capacity No Limitation
Drive Cooling 1 x 35mm fan
Structure / Material Aluminum and partial plastic
Hot-Swap Support
LED Indication Drive power: blue

ST3513P 3.5" SATA SAS Hdd Enclosure

Product Information

Unestech ST3513P is a 3.5" SATA mobile rack for 5.25" drive bay.It offers stability to your systems by keeping your hard drives cool through an all aluminum body and a cooling fan.

Product Information
5.25" drive bay

5.25" drive bay

The mobile rack fits most standard single 5.25" optical bays for easy implementation. Support 3.5" SATA SAS hard drive,Install 2.5" to 3.5" drive adapter on the enclosure allows you quickly swap out 2.5" SSD/HDD. This allows for convenience and versatility and will save you time and money.

Drive Power Button

Power button allows users to shut off the drive to reduce power and drive usage. When a drive is fully inserted in the enclosure, the drive activity light will begin to light up and indicate the drive is powered and accessed.

Drive Power Button
Key Lock System

Key Lock System

The resilient aluminum latch provides best durability for consistent hot swaps. A sturdy key lock is used in order to keep your precious data safe and secured from accidental drive ejection during operation.

The Mobile rack sports an aluminum body for optimal cooling and maximum durability and provides maximum longevity and protection for your sensitive data

To enhance its cooling efficiency, the front air vents design increase the passive cooling of the drive. A 35mm warm air outtake fan is built into the rear of the enclosure unit to compliment and ensure that your drive will maintain an optimal temperature, thus increasing the life and dependability of the drive.

Product documentation

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