Unestech 2.5-inch drive location hard drive extraction box is a stylish and durable hard drive storage device made of aluminum alloy. It is designed to take into account the user's security needs, and each disk position is equipped with a safety lock design strengthening device to ensure data security and system security while providing a convenient user experience.



Each disk position is also equipped with LED lights, which can timely control the operating status of the hard disk, so that users can know the work of the hard disk at any time. In order to effectively dissipate heat, the hard disk removal box has two built-in 3.5cm cooling fans, and uses an aluminum alloy body to assist in cooling, ensuring that the hard disk can maintain a stable temperature during high load work.

In addition, this hard disk extraction box adopts a tool-free design, users can quickly replace the hard disk, support hot swap, easy maintenance and use. It is compatible with SATA/SAS hard drives and has a transmission speed of up to 6Gbps, achieving the effect of fast reading disks. At the same time, it is also equipped with two MiniSAS SFF-8643 data interfaces and a SATA 15P power interface, providing users with more connection options and power support.


This drive extractor takes up 2 optical drive bits, is suitable for 5.25 "optical drive bits and is compatible with most computers. Its excellent performance, easy operation and stable heat dissipation make it an ideal choice for users to store data. Whether for home use or business office environments, this hard drive extractor provides a reliable storage solution and allows users to enjoy a convenient and efficient data management experience.